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Firbank offers the opportunity to pay fees and make donations online at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Secure electronic payments may be made via Credit Card. Firbank Grammar School accepts Visa and Mastercard. Donations to the Firbank Music Precinct, Annual Giving and Scholarships are tax deductible. Payments and donations may also be deposited directly into the School’s bank account.

Account Name: Firbank Grammar School
BSB: 013355
Account Number: 777011622
Swift Code (if required): ANZBAU3M

No credit card details submitted by users are collected by Firbank.   The Firbank Grammar School’s Privacy Policy will apply to transaction data and all payments are subject to Firbank Grammar School’s Refund Policy.

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Girls Only, Years 7-12

Firbank Grammar

51 Outer Crescent
Brighton VIC 3186

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+61 3 9591 5141

Girls Only, ELC 3 - Year 6

Firbank Grammar

51 Outer Crescent
Brighton Vic 3186

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+61 3 9533 5711

Co-educational, ELC 3 - Year 6

Firbank Grammar

45 Royal Avenue
Sandringham VIC 3191

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