Prep to Year 6 Sandringham Junior Co-ed Campus

The Sandringham Campus provides specialist learning spaces for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Multimedia), Music, Mandarin, Art, Physical Education and Information Literacy.  Our boys and girls from ELC3 to Year 6 enjoy a caring and nurturing environment and expansive playground areas.

Each classroom teacher uses the framework of the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Programme (PYP) to plan explicit and inquiry teaching lessons that are engaging and personalised for each child.

Brad Nelsen Head of Campus, Junior School, Sandringham

“Schools have a responsibility to educate students and enable them to go into the world as young adults with a sense of integrity, social justice, empathy, knowledge to pursue their goals to the best of their abilities.” Brad Nelsen, Head of Campus.

From early learning to young adults, the Sandringham Junior School offers a co-educational experience that goes beyond books. We give them the tools, the skills, and the confidence to learn to create their own path through the unique experiences and curriculum activities offered.

We have four key beliefs at Sandringham Junior Campus:

  • Every student is important.
  • Every lesson is critical.
  • Every encounter is valued.
  • Every opportunity should be taken.

These beliefs together with the extensive Teaching and Learning program develop the natural curiosity and thinking skills of the students in a caring and inclusive environment. Specialist teachers, high academic standards and a diverse range of curricular activities help our students build confidence, resilience and a love of learning.

Through their co-ed school journey, our students are encouraged to develop their individual talents. We pride ourselves on being a family school with Christian values, where parents are encouraged to be involved in School life.  Our aim is to enable all students to contribute and to develop a sense of responsibility in their relationships with others.  We believe it is important to promote tolerance and understanding of individual differences, other cultures and the diversity of views in the world.

The learning and personal development programs on offer at our co-ed private school help our students cultivate essential skills for the contemporary world, including social skills, oral communication, problem-solving, teamwork and creativity.  

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Sandringham Curriculum Statements

Download the Prep Sandringham Curriculum Statement 

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Our Houses

All Sandringham Coed Students are part of the Firbank House system. The three Houses are named after significant people and places:

Atherstone (Green) – This House was named in honour of the original name of the Campus. Atherstone was adopted at the title of the School by its founder, an Anglican clergyman and his wife who came to live in Australia. Atherstone was the name of their village home in the English Midlands.

McKie (Red) – McKie House is named in honour of the Revd J D McKie who was the Chairman of the Atherstone Committee and Bishop of Geelong. The Atherstone Committee was formed in 1949 and was the forerunner of today’s Parent Association.

Trentham (Blue) – The name of this House recognises the second home of the School. As Atherstone’s enrolments grew, a larger property was sought and the School transferred to a house set in a large garden in Trentham Street.