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We are pleased to congratulate each and every student in the class of 2023 who have continued Firbank’s tradition of academic excellence. This year’s VCE results are exceptional, demonstrating the dedication, resilience, and personal triumphs of our students and teachers.

Firbank’s Class of 2023 has excelled remarkably, with our joint Duces Evie Cao and Nicole Vassileff attaining an ATAR of 99.90. This was followed by our Proxime, achieved by Samantha Warner with an impressive ATAR of 99.50. Elyssa Leon is also an Honorable mention with 99.25.

Perfect Study Scores were achieved by the following students.

Business Management – Sophie Mladenovski
English – Nicole Vassileff
English – Samantha Warner
Health and Human Development – Hannah Gibbs
Health and Human Development – Samantha Warner


Evie Cao is a beacon of academic and extracurricular excellence, as well as exceptional musical prowess. Excelling in her Year 12 subjects of German, Literature, Specialist Maths, and Physics, she also demonstrated proficiency in VCE Maths Methods and Chinese in 2022. A two-time Dux in Year 8 and Year 10, Evie’s academic journey is marked by consistent high achievements and the prestigious House Star Award in Year 12. Beyond academics, her involvement in a diverse range of school activities showcases her as a true all-rounder. With a passion for engineering science, Evie is set to excel and become a leader in her chosen field.

Nicole Vassileff is a shining example of academic brilliance, compassion and selflessness. Her pursuit of a career in medicine and biomedical sciences is underpinned by her remarkable track record of earning awards for academic excellence year after year. Nicole was a standout student in her Year 12 subjects of Chemistry, English, French, Specialist Maths, and Physics. Nicole’s exceptional academic journey, marked by consistent top-tier achievements, reflects her dedication and potential as a future leader in her chosen field.

Samantha Warner is a dynamic and vibrant presence at Firbank, exemplifying what it means to be an exceptional all-rounder. As Co-Captain of Aylwin Cameron, she has demonstrated remarkable leadership and was honoured with the Aylwin Cameron House Star Award. Academically, Samantha excels in Chinese Second Language, English, Health and Human Development, Legal Studies, and Maths Methods. Samantha is an active participant in music and drama, culminating in a stellar performance as the lead in this year’s production of “Strictly Ballroom”. Crowned Dux of Year 11, Samantha’s academic achievements, coupled with her engaging personality, underscore her status as a standout student and future leader.

Elyssa Leon is paragon of academic and extracurricular excellence. With a robust academic profile in Chemistry, Economics, English, Legal Studies, and Maths Methods, Elyssa has consistently demonstrated her scholarly prowess. Achieving full house colours for service to Alywin Cameron house, Elyssa is one of Firbank’s most exemplary leaders. Elyssa’s commitment to personal development shines through her accomplishment of the Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Elyssa’s multifaceted talents and unwavering dedication mark her as an exemplary student and a future leader in her chosen field.

Wendy Zhou is renowned for her academic mastery and diverse talents. Excelling in Chemistry, English, French, and Specialist Maths, Wendy’s academic journey is marked by consistent top-tier achievements, earning her awards for academic excellence annually from Years 7 to 11. Her linguistic prowess is highlighted by numerous awards in French, Chinese, German, and Japanese. Wendy is a vital member of the 9/12 Choir and showcases her versatility through pockets and colours in sport, dance, and music over the years. Her ambition to study engineering and commerce at university reflects a deep commitment to her academic and career aspirations.

Congratulations to the entire Class of 2023. Your achievements are a reflection of Firbank’s unwavering dedication to educational excellence. We extend our gratitude to our committed staff, families, and community for their care and support of our students over the year.

We look forward to hearing where their journey guides them next and to welcoming them back to the Firbank Community as Alumni.