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Full Fee Paying Overseas students

At Firbank we believe in inclusiveness. We value diversity of experience, knowledge and opinion and we know that a more open school helps to create a more open society. Education is about expanding students’ thinking by providing a range of experiences and cultural diversity is a vital component in this process.

Therefore, we welcome and value overseas students to study in Australia. They are encouraged to hold onto and share their cultural integrity, while adapting to Australian education and making life-long friends at our international school.

CRICOS Provider Number: 00140K
CRICOS Course Name: Primary P-6
CRICOS Course Name: Secondary Years 7-12

All Girls, Secondary Years 7-12
51 Outer Crescent
Tel: +61 3 9591 5188

All Girls, Primary Years ELC to Year 6
51 Outer Crescent

Co-ed, Primary Years ELC to Year 6
45 Royal Avenue

Ms Jenny Williams

Director of International Operations
Mrs Wendy Grant

International Student Co-ordinator Wellbeing
Ms Julie Ferres

Director of Admissions
Ms Donna Galloway

International Student 24 hour Emergency Contact
Firbank Boarding House
Tel: +61 408 569 055
+61 3 9591 5110

Prospective international students from non-English speaking backgrounds wanting to study in Australia are required to undertake the Australian Educational Assessment Services (AEAS).  The subsequent report gives our international school valuable information to assess whether entry to the School will be appropriate and, if they are offered a place, assist in the student’s orientation. At all levels, English as an Additional Language (EAL) is taught across the School in small classes conducted by specialist teachers.

Mode of Study
Face to face classroom teaching is the predominant mode of delivery. All study is supervised on campus and supported by excursions, incursions, camps and a range of experiential learning activities.

Mode of Assessment
Assessment is aligned to the achievement standards of the Australian Curriculum

Junior School:
Grade assessment on specific areas of work (tests, practical reports, essays and assignments as appropriate to the subject).

Senior School:
Years 7 – 10: Assessment is on-going with progressive online reporting, and an end-of-semester transcript report.

Our Courses
Year 11: Satisfactory Completion (demonstrated achievement of each of the outcomes for that unit) and grade assessment on specific areas of work (tests, practical reports, essays
and assignments as appropriate to the subject).

Year 12: Satisfactory Completion
(demonstrated achievement of each of the outcomes for that unit), school assessed coursework, school assessed tasks and in most subjects at least 50% of the assessment will be based on externally set exams.

Child Safe School

A priority at Firbank Grammar is the Wellbeing of our students. All students who attend Firbank have the right to feel safe.  At Firbank Grammar we have a zero tolerance for child abuse and are committed to acting in children’s best interests and keeping them safe from harm. The School regards its child protection responsibilities with the utmost importance and as such, is committed to providing the necessary resources to ensure compliance with all relevant child protection laws and regulations and maintain a child safe culture.

Student Safety Cards, containing emergency contact information, are given to all international students.

Reporting Child Safety Concerns

Our Child Protection Program relates to all aspects of protecting children from abuse and establishes work systems, practices, policies and procedures to protect children from abuse.

It also contains detailed procedures with respect to the reporting of child abuse incidents to the relevant authorities.

As a part of Firbank Grammar’s induction process, all staff and Direct Contact Volunteers are required to complete a selection of training modules on the content of our Child Protection Program. All staff, Direct Contact Volunteers and School Board members are provided with additional, ongoing child protection training at least annually. Staff, Volunteers, Third Party Contractors and External Education Providers are supported and supervised by the School’s Child Safety Officers to ensure that they are compliant with the School’s approach to child protection.

Welfare and Accommodation

At Firbank, ALL students on a Student Visa are required to have a Local Support Person, regardless of their age. Only Firbank will approve Homestay and Local Support Person ( not legal guardians), this cannot be delegated. Firbank understands that Firbank’s CAAW liabilities will lapse when a student turns 18. It should be noted that as part of a student’s ongoing enrolment at Firbank they will be required to remain in Firbank approved accommodation and have a Firbank approved Local Support Person (not legal guardian) until they leave Firbank.

Appointing a Local Support Person

As an enhancement to our internal welfare program Firbank requires all international students have a Local Support Person (not legal guardianship) for the duration of their enrolment at the School. Firbank has engaged ISA Guardian & Welfare Services to provide Local Support People for students who are in Australia without their parents.

Information and costs for ISA can be accessed via their website at
The role of the Firbank approved Local Support Person is:

  • To maintain regular contact with Firbank regarding a student’s welfare and progress and to be a point of contact for the School at all times
  • To sign camp activities and medical authorisations as required by the School
  • To assist with the arrangements of a student’s leisure activities and travel during holiday periods
  • To assist with the management of finances if required
  • To maintain regular contact with parents with regard to their daughter’s welfare
  • To ensure the student possesses a valid passport and visa at all times and to arrange any extensions or renewals required
  • To attend Parent Teacher nights and report back to the parents. Students are not to alter their Welfare

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

Individuals applying to study in Australia must satisfy the health requirements specified in the Migration Regulations. Any family members who are included in the visa application are also required to satisfy health requirements. As a condition of their visa for studies in Australia, International Students are required to take out medical and hospital insurance, through the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) scheme operated by OSHC World Care. The School arranges OSHC on enrolment. Additional health insurance is also recommended for items not covered by OSHC such as dental and ambulance fees.

Apart from accidental injury, a healthy lifestyle is the best way to guard against sickness. Proper rest and good nutrition are important for all students.

Students are not permitted to live independently or without supervision. If a student is in Australia on their own, Firbank Grammar is mandated by law to undertake responsibility to make arrangements in regard to accommodation. Students under the age of 13 are not permitted to live in a Homestay.

Students aged 13 and above

Students under the age of 18 years are required to maintain adequate welfare and accommodation requirements as a condition of the student visa. Where a student is not in the care of a parent or  suitable relative, as defined by the Department of Home Affairs, their accommodation arrangements must be approved by the school. Options include the Boarding House and Homestay.

Students under the age of 13
In line with VRQA guidelines, Firbank will only accept students under the age of 13 if they are accommodated in the Boarding House or will be living with a parent. The following procedures will apply:

  • A member of the Firbank International Student department will visit the student at their place of residence to confirm that the student is living with a parent
  • A copy of the parent’s passport and Visa must be provided and will be placed in the student’s file
  • A signed letter stating that the student is residing with a parent must be provided to the International Student Co-Ordinator: Wellbeing and will be placed in the student’s file.


Firbank is proud of its long tradition of providing an excellent and well-balanced education. Firbank is one of the few Independent girls’ schools in Victoria to offer boarding facilities. The School is located in the Bayside suburb of Brighton providing easy access to the Central Business District of Melbourne, major cultural and sporting venues, and interstate and overseas transport terminals. The Boarding House has been an important part of the School since its foundation in 1909. Set in extensive gardens on the Senior School Campus at Brighton, the Boarding House is home to students from overseas, Victoria and interstate.

The Head of the Boarding House and her staff are experienced carers who look after the safety and well-being of boarders. They are supported by the Health Centre Manager who is on duty during school days. A medical clinic is located close to the School should the students require a doctor’s attention. On weekends, Boarders have supervised access to School facilities including a 25 metre heated indoor pool, gymnasium, tennis courts and playing fields. In order to ensure an environment
conducive to study, Boarders have supervised study times and their own desks. Accommodation is mostly twinshare in light, well-appointed rooms. Within limits set by Boarding House staff and parents or Local Support Person, girls are given the opportunity to leave the School for recreational purposes or to spend weekends with approved hosts.

Host families will be required for long weekends (one per term) and for Term holidays when the Boarding House is closed. All permanent and short term hosts must have a working with children check.

Under the guidance of experienced Boarders, girls quickly develop self – reliance and become involved in the co-curricular program, where they have traditionally made a significant contribution.


Firbank is a CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students) Registered Provider and as such has undertaken to actively keep up to date with and comply with the requirements of the National Code of Practice. The National Code’s purpose is to provide nationally consistent standards for CRICOS registration and for the conduct of CRICOS-registered providers.

International students are an important part of the Firbank community, making up approximately 10% of the Senior School student population as well as a small number of Junior School places. Each international student at Firbank should be supervised and supported by the International Student Coordinator: Wellbeing, and her Mentor in conjunction with subject teachers, class teachers, the House Coordinator, Wellbeing Leaders, Head of Junior School and the Deputy Principal. If the international student is also a boarder, the Head of the Boarding House should liaise with the above staff, thereby ensuring an integrated approach towards the student’s progress both academically and socially.

In addition to the above the Director of Wellbeing, the Director of Curriculum and the Director of Student Services can provide support and advise when relevant. Teachers, and parents/welfare guardians should contact the International Student Coordinator: Wellbeing in the first instance to discuss matters regarding the welfare and progress of the student. The Head of Junior School, Principal and Deputy Principal are also able to discuss matters of concern. All of these services are provided at no extra cost to the student.


For additional information about costs of living in Australia see:


Brighton MAP


We take you/your child’s safety seriously, so we strongly advise you to read all the links in this document to be very well informed on all aspects of your/their safety prior to coming to Australia. The links below also cover insurance, phone, internet and banking. Students coming to Australia need to be aware of the very different conditions such as swimming at our beaches and swimming safety as well as becoming aware of sun safety. If you have any difficulty assessing these links please advise the School to enable us to assist you.

For more information on this please visit:






Overseas Students Ombudsman
Department of Home Affairs (DHA)
The Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs provides comprehensive information about student visa requirements and the application process, as well as for the latest information.

Applying for a Student Visa


If granted a visa, students must abide by their visa conditions. Failure to comply with these conditions could result in the cancellation of their visa. These conditions include (but are not limited to):

  • Complete the course within the duration specific on the CoE
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress
  • Maintain satisfactory attendance
  • Maintain approved Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) while in Australia
  • Remain with their education provider for 6 calendar months of their first school course, unless issued a letter of release from Firbank to attend another institution
  • Notify your training provider of your Australian address, phone, email, emergency contact details / next of kin within 7 days

Fees and Enrolment

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Relocation Families:

Arriving in a new city can sometimes feel daunting.  At Firbank, we have a long tradition of working closely with relocation agents to ensure a smooth transition into the Firbank family. We understand that the school experience for students and parents can give families a sense of belonging to their new community. Our Parent Associations at each campus have representatives who specifically welcome relocation families and assist in their orientation into the School community.


Please note that the accuracy of information about Firbank Grammar School received from persons or agencies, other than those listed, cannot be guaranteed by the School.

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Firbank Grammar School is fully compliant with the National Code of Practice 2018 and refers parents to the following external websites for further information: