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At Firbank, we give students the opportunity to shape their own destinies through the expert guidance of dedicated and experienced staff, real life experiences and world class facilities. We don’t shape minds, we give girls the tools, skills and confidence to shape their own.

The learning and personal development programs help students cultivate essential skills for the contemporary world, including problem-solving, communication, teamwork and creativity. Through these programs, our girls grow up to be articulate, eloquent, well-rounded members of the community.

Firbank offers a range of options for our students to excel in their area of passion. We believe that students who come together with common interests is a great way to learn, socialise and grow confidence.

Every Student has an extensive array of opportunities.

Music is an essential part of every student’s education and takes place in curricular and co-curriculum of the school. Music tuition is offered for 20 musical instruments. We also have ensembles, orchestras and choral groups.

GSV – Girls’ Sport Victoria allows Senior School girls the opportunity to be involved in over 20 sports through GSV’s skill development programs, competitions, carnivals and tournaments. GSV says “Girls who enjoy sport in their teenage years are more likely to develop a positive attitude to women’s health and a lifelong love for physical activity and sport.”

Clubs are another way for students to follow their passions and form friendships. Our clubs include Art Club, Book Club, Chess Club, Drama Club, Chapel Club, Dance Troupe, Debating Club, Homework Club, Improv Club, Mathematics Additional Support, Pride Club, Tech Club and Writers’ Club.

Performing Arts, House Carnivals, Debating, Student Leadership Groups and Award Programs are also much loved.