Firbank Grammar New Uniform

Firbank Grammar has engaged Designer, Kit Willow to redesign the Firbank school uniform.

Kit was recently named by Vogue as Australia’s leading sustainable fashion designer. Her company, KITX uses sustainable methods to reduce the impact of the textile industry on the environment.

The uniform will be the world’s first fully sustainable school uniform and is just another way in which we, at Firbank, are committed to being leaders. We live our values and teach our students to be forward thinkers and mindful of their impact on the environment.

The very clothes that we wear have a great impact on our environment, with the textile industry named as the second largest polluter of water in the world, second only to oil.

The Firbank uniforms will be made from 100% positive impact materials, from organic cotton, upcycled polyester, fine wool, and even degradable corozo nut buttons originally used in the 1930’s before plastic took over.

Even the packaging will be compostable, and students will be encouraged to return all uniforms once used in order to repurpose the textiles for future usage.

Firbank’s current uniform was designed in 1996 and is predominately made of cotton and the blazer has not changed considerably since its design in 1927. This is the perfect opportunity for us to reinvigorate our School’s attire whilst ensuring that we respect our history and maintain the integrity of Firbank’s rich heritage.

All uniform pieces will be manufactured and retailed by Dobsons. Once made, there will be a transition period between the old and the new uniform to allow for this important change. It is expected that the uniform will be available in late 2020.

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