Year 7 to Year 12 Brighton Senior Campus - Firbank Grammar

Brighton Senior Campus

“Firbank’s Senior School is the perfect place for our students to learn, grow and become leaders. We encourage our girls to be conquerors of learning and to face new challenges with the knowledge that they will be supported by the very best teachers, curriculum and our strong School community.  Firbank supports students in their endeavours so that they may achieve, be adaptable and strive to give new opportunities a go.” Leandra Turner, Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School.

Firbank Senior School is instrumental in your daughter’s journey into adulthood. From Year 7 to VCE, our private girls high school in Melbourne offers an array of choices that arm Firbank students with the necessary tools to progress and transition into a life full of learning and discovery. At Firbank, we give students the opportunity to shape their own destinies through the expert guidance of dedicated and experienced staff, real life experiences and world class facilities. We don’t shape minds, we give girls the tools, skills and confidence to shape their own.

The learning and personal development programs at our girls’ high school help students cultivate essential skills for the contemporary world, including problem-solving, communication, teamwork and creativity. Through these programs, our girls grow up to be articulate, eloquent, well-rounded members of the community.

Firbank offers a range of options for our students to excel in their area of passion.  We believe that students who come together with common interests is a great way to learn, socialise and grow confidence. Some of the Club activities we offer include: Chess, Writers Club, Drama, homework club, debating, philosophy and more. View our Year Level information booklets for more detail.

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Library Opening Hours
Monday to Thursday 7.30 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.
Friday 7.30 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.

Senior Campus Houses

Aylwin-Cameron (Blue/Green) – Named after Headmistresses Miss M Cameron 1911-1954 and Miss M Aylwin 1909 – 1910.

Hancock-Crowther (Blue/Red) – Named after Dr G Crowther, Headmaster of Brighton Grammar School and Chairman of the Firbank Council 1909 – 1917 and Archdeacon Hancock, Vicar of St Andrew’s Church 1918-1938.

Sheppard-Tyson (Blue/Yellow) – Named after the Tyson family who originally owed ‘Toowong’ (Hindley House) and the Deaconess Kathleen Sheppard, Member of Staff 1953 – 1963.

Tonkin-Clarke – (Blue/White) – Named after Henry Lowther Clarke, Archbishop of Melbourne and founder of the School and Miss D W Tonkin, Member of Staff, 1921- 1966.

Year 7

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Year 8

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Year 9

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Year 10

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