We are pleased to congratulate the Class of 2021 on their VCE results. They have achieved remarkable results in one of the most challenging learning environments in modern history. After spending more time learning from home than in classrooms over the past two years, students received their VCE results today. They reflect the hard work and efforts put in, not just by the students and staff but each of the families
who have been there to encourage and assist. Of the students who completed their VCE, 90 received a score of 40 or above in at least one subject, putting them in the top 9 per cent in that subject in the state. Among them are 58 students who received an ATAR of 90 and above. Illustrating our continued success in ensuring all students reach beyond their potential, the median ATAR across all students was 89.05.

Congratulations particularly to our Dux, Charlotte Gibbs, with an ATAR score of 99.7 and our Proxime Catina Chen, with a score of 99.25. Lucinda Mottram closely followed these top results with 99.2 and Emily Zhang with 98.95.

Class of 2021 VCE Results Highlights:

  • 45% ATARs over 90 – Top 10% in Australia (almost half of our students)
  • 21% ATARS over 95 – Top 5% in Australia
  • Median ATAR 89.05
  • 7 Perfect Study Scores (50) in Dance (VET), Geography, Health and Human Development and Further Mathematics
  • 39% Grades A or A+
  • 18% Study Scores over 40
  • 69% of students attained ATARs over 80
  • Median Study Score 34

Congratulations to our graduates, and we look forward to watching them move on to a new chapter in their lives and welcoming them back as Firbank Grammar School Alumni.