VCE Results 2020 - Firbank Grammar

Firbank Class of 2020

VCE Results 2020

Firbank Grammar Congratulates the Class of 2020

In the face of the challenges caused by COVID-19, the Class of 2020 continued to thrive and uphold the School’s tradition of academic excellence achieving one of our best ever results.  This incredible accomplishment is a fitting tribute to the efforts put in by the students, teaching staff and the ICT Team.  

With our biggest ever cohort to do VCE, we are so very proud of each and every students’ efforts this year. As an inclusive school that focuses on developing the whole person, we are so proud that almost 50% of our students achieved an ATAR score of 90 or above.  Their resourcefulness, resilience, adaptability, strength of character and courage are reflected in their 2020 achievements and VCE results.  

Firbank’s VCE students have achieved highly across the board with our Duxes ATAR score of 99.70being achieved jointly by Vivian Zhou and Yi (Jennifer) Liu, followed closely by our Dux Secondus, again jointly shared, of Virginia Duker and Ivy Chen with scores of 99.25. These top four results were closely followed by Violet O’Connor with 99.10 and Amy Chen with 99.05.  

Class of 2020 VCE Results Highlights:  

  • 48.4% ATARs over 90 – Top 10% in Australia (almost half of our students) 
  • 25.8% ATARS over 95 – Top 5% in Australia (over a quarter of our students) 
  • Median ATAR 89.50 
  • 5 Perfect Study Scores (50)– English Literature, Music Investigation, Business Management and two in Health and Human Development. 
  • 50Grades A or A
  • 23% Study Scores over 40 
  • 6 students attained ATARs over 99 
  • Median Study Score 35

Well done to the Class of 2020. They have exemplified all our values and have conquered the challenges that were unexpectedly set before them.  

They are strong, they are courageous and most importantly they are now ready for the next exciting steps in their livesTheir results reflect Firbank’s strong academic culture, broad curriculum, and outstanding dedicated staffTogether our community have supported students throughout 2020 both at school and at ‘home’ campus. 

We look forward to hearing where their journey guides them next and to welcoming them back to the Firbank Community as Alumni. 


Vivian Zhou (left) and Yi (Jennifer) Liu (right) both achieved the Top ATAR score of 99.70

Vivian Zhou

Since joining Firbank in Year 8, Vivian has excelled in her learning journeyShe was the Year 11 Dux in 2019 as well as winner of the Chen Ying Award for Chinese Second LanguageThis year she received an award for Academic Excellence in Year 12, the English Prize, the Rosemary Wilkinson Prize for Specialist Mathematics and was the recipient of the Forcey Family Environmental Leadership Award for Leadership and ServiceThroughout her Firbank journey Vivian’s Leadership and Service included being an instrumental member of the Environmental Action Group as well as a Peer Support Leader to younger Firbank students. 

Yi (Jennifer) Liu 

Yi (Jennifer) began her Firbank learning journey in Year 9 and has been involved in many aspects of School life.  She won awards for Academic Excellence in both Year 10 and Year 11, was a prize winner in the Australian National Chemistry Quiz as well awarded sports pockets for Badminton and in addition was the recipient of the Firbank 2019 Chinese First Language PrizeIn 2020 she again received an award for Academic Excellence as well as the English/EAL Prize. 

Congratulations to Vivian and Yi (Jennifer) on their incredible achievements.


Virginia Duker (left) and Ivy Chen (right) both achieved an ATAR score of 99.25

Virginia Duker

Virginia began her Firbank learning journey in Year 7 and since then has made a valued academic, co-curricular and leadership contribution to the school. As a student leader, she represented the Senior School voice on the Student Representative CouncilHer community service contributions included the Vietnam and India Initiatives and she was also an enthusiastic Peer Support leader – a role model for the younger year levelsVirginia received awards for Academic Excellence in Year 11 and Year 12 as well as the 2020 Joy Donaldson Memorial Prize for Distinction in English and Literature and the Legal Studies PrizeAs a keen debater Virginia received colours in Debating as well as pockets in Cricket and TennisIt is fitting that Virginia received a perfect score of 50 in English Literature this yearWell done Virginia.  

Ivy Chen

2020 Senior School Co-Captain Ivy joined Firbank in 2015 and since then has been involved in all spheres of school lifeA keen Chamber singerchorist and talented musician Ivy has been a contributing member to the Firbank Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, Symphonic Winds, and the Stage Band concert bandFurther testament to Ivy’s impressive involvement in the co-curricular life of the school are her awards of  Vocal Music pocket, Instrumental Music Colours, Drama Colours, Debating Colours and House Colours. A recipient of Academic Excellence awards in both Year 11 and Year 12, as well as the Dr Elizabeth Tudball Prize for History and the 2020 Literature Prize, there is no doubt that Ivy was also a most worthy recipient of Principal’s Colours this year.  

Firbank Notable Achievers

The following students excelled in their chosen subjects and received notable, above 99 ATAR scores. 

Violet O’Connor (left) achieved an outstanding ATAR Score of 99.1 and Amy Chen (right) achieved an outstanding ATAR Score of 99.05

5 Perfect subject scores of 50 were also achieved: 

English Literature – Virginia Duker; Music Investigation – Sophie McGetrick; Business Management – Violet O’Connor

 Health and Human Development – Yi (Jennifer) Liu (left) and Charlotte Gibbs (right) 


Firbank students win top honours! A huge congratulations to Virginia D and Charlotte G, who were both recognised with a Premier’s VCE Award, as a result of their fantastic academic results in 2020.


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