School Leadership - Firbank Grammar

Ms Jenny Williams – Principal

As Firbank Grammar’s 10th Principal, Ms Jenny Williams is a passionate and dedicated leader.  She believes that every child should be given the opportunity to live up to their potential so that they may become an extraordinary person. Jenny is committed to working with staff to provide exceptional educational opportunities at Firbank so that the School’s girls and boys can form a life-long love of learning.

Ms Williams believes in working with the School community to nurture the Wellbeing of our students and encourages students to live Firbank Grammar’s values every day.

Jenny Williams inspires students to look beyond themselves and show kindness and compassion to others. She feels that by knowing and caring for each student Firbank Grammar will foster academic excellence and individual and team success.

Leandra Turner – Deputy Principal, Head of Senior School

“Firbank’s Senior School is the perfect place for our students to learn, grow and become leaders. We encourage our girls to be conquerors of learning and to face new challenges with the knowledge that they will be supported by the very best teachers, curriculum and our strong School community.  Firbank supports students in their endeavours so that they may achieve, be adaptable and strive to give new opportunities a go.” Leandra Turner, Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School.

Brad Nelsen – Head of Campus, Junior School, Sandringham

Mr Brad Nelsen has been Head of Sandringham Campus since 2014, helping the girls and boys there, grow and develop, enabling them to thrive as they prepare to enter senior school and life beyond.

Brad has a long association with Firbank Grammar and has held many educational positions at various independent schools.  He has taught in London and Australia with previous roles including Upper Primary Coordinator, Deputy Head of Junior School and Head of Junior School, Assistant Principal.

Believing that schools have a duty to prepare students for life by enabling them to have integrity and empathy makes Brad perfect to lead Firbank’s Sandringham Junior Campus. 

Melanie Smith – Head of Campus, Junior School, Brighton

Mrs Melanie Smith took the position as Head of Campus for Firbank’s Turner House in October 2020. With extensive experience at Firbank, both as a staff member and an Old Grammarian, Mel thrives in the role of leading our Brighton Junior Campus, maintaining a close relationship with students, staff and parents. 


Prior to accepting the role as Head of Campus, Mel served Firbank as the Acting Co-Head of Turner House, proving her capability for the role. Other roles held by Mel include Educational Leader of the Early Learning Centre and Primary Years Program Coordinator. Mel was also responsible for the coordination of our Junior School curriculum, from Early Learning to Year 6. 


Mel’s success in these roles has come from her compassion, understanding, passion for teaching and deep knowledge of Firbank. 

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