Our Programs

Firbank’s co-curricular sport and art programs support students to follow their passions and attain excellent results.


Our custom-built Music Precinct demonstrates Firbank’s commitment to its Music Program. With more than 400 classes per week, students are encouraged find joy in music.

Music at Firbank is an essential part of every child’s education from ELC to VCE. The Music School operates across all three campuses. Core classes are taught until Year 8 and students can then select general or specialist music as an elective. Many choose to take music as one of their VCE subjects.

At Firbank, we encourage all girls and boys to learn an instrument and offer private tuition in a wide range of orchestral and band instruments, orchestral percussion, drum-kit, guitar, piano and voice. Participation in ensembles enriches the students’ experience, whilst rehearsals and performances enable students to connect with the wider musical community, playing at concerts, festivals and competitions.

The Firbank choral program is dynamic and varied with choirs from Years 3 to 12 across all three campuses. Students are encouraged to enrol for singing lessons and with six orchestras and bands to choose from there is ample opportunity to cater for wind, brass percussion and string players.


Our primary aim at Firbank is to encourage participation and enthusiasm for physical education and a healthy lifestyle. We also offer the best facilities and coaches to help those who show promise and interest in their chosen sport the opportunity to achieve at the highest level possible. We offer expert coaching in a range of sports, allowing the students to reach their potential. Peter Russo, Director of PE and Sport

Sport plays an integral role in life at Firbank. Our philosophy is to maximise participation by offering a diverse range of opportunities at all our campuses. Sports we offer include: Netball, Rowing , Snowsports, Swimming, Sailing, Tennis, AFL, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Cross-Country, Diving, Hockey, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball.

Firbank is extremely fortunate to have an impressive stable of elite coaches, who have all performed at the highest level to mentor, coach and teach our students not just about their sport of choice but life skills too. Mentors include: AFL Premiership Player, Peter Russo; Olympic Rower, James Tomkins OAM; Olympic middle-distance runner, Tamsyn Lewis Manou; Socceroo, Kimon Taliadoros; Diving World Champion, Elizabeth Howard; Diamonds Captain, Netballer, Kathryn Harby-Williams; World Champion Rower, David McGrath and Olympic Aerial Skier, Jacqui Cooper.

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Visual Arts

Creativity and skill development are fostered through Firbank’s rich and diverse Arts and Visual Arts Curriculum. Our Artist-in-Residence Program assists students with valuable learning opportunities and our new Arts Precinct Project is sure to set Firbank apart. Firbank offers an integrated curriculum of 2D and 3D Art Programs developing skills in areas such as painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, photography, media, visual communication and design and media.

Performing Arts

The Firbank integrated drama centre produces and performs three major productions (Senior School, Middle School and Junior School) a year in conjunction with Brighton Grammar. From leading roles to front-of-house promotions, students are involved in every aspect of these productions with performances being the highlight of the Firbank calendar.Opportunities are abundant for students to pursue their love of performance. From original theatre, musical theatre, dance groups and drama club there is plenty for young actors, writers and dancers at Firbank

Outdoor Education

Firbank is proud to deliver a program that builds confidence, resilience, and an opportunity for the girls to learn about themselves, the people around them and the environment. Students will truly realise how capable they are and will achieve something beyond their expectations. Wonderful friendships are also formed and leadership skills enhanced.

Media Studies

Responding to an ever-changing world that is becoming increasingly reliant on technology, our Media Studies courses are designed to prepare our students for a world that is constantly evolving.

From ecommerce and graphic design, right through to music recording and film production. These core subjects lay the foundation for students to explore, imagine, create and invent a future that doesn’t exist, yet arms them with the tools to be ready for when it comes.

Additional Student Clubs

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