Year Level Specific Programs

Year 7


I think this camp made our Year level stronger and if we didn’t have the camp then I’m not sure who my friends would be today. It was at the start of the year when lots of girls were new and didn’t know many people and everyone was feeling nervous for high school.  Ebony, Year 7.

Recognising the importance of the transition to secondary school, the Year 7 curriculum is designed to provide opportunities for students to discover new interests, new subjects and new friends. This program commences with the Discovery Camp at the beginning of Term 1 where girls undertake a range of activities designed to promote teamwork. Students also undertake environmental work in the local community.

Click here for more information about the Year 7 Discovery Surf Camp 2018

Year 8 


Residential Program

When I entered the Boarding House on Friday, I didn’t think I would enjoy it because I wasn’t with anyone in my friendship group and I would be away from home and trying something new. However, to my surprise, it’s been one of the best experiences of my years at Firbank.  Leni, Year 8.

In Year 8, all girls attend a residential experience in the heritage-listed building ‘Seagrove’, located on the Senior campus. Here, the focus is on independence, resilience, respect and living as part of a community. Students also begin a more rigorous Outdoor Education program which prepares them to meet the challenges of an extended expedition in Year 9.

Year 9


Mitchell River was one of the best experiences I have ever been on with Firbank.  Holly, Year 9.

Mitchell River is an Outdoor Education experience that is essential preparation for the Journey Program held later in the year.   In Year 9, the focus is on developing the girls’ interpersonal and intrapersonal skills as they experience new adventures beyond the gates of Firbank.   Some of the highlights of this program include:

  • The Vietnam Residential Experience
  • A range of Outdoor Education Journeys
  • An extensive local Community Service Program
  • A Skill Sets program provides academic challenges

Year 10


It was an absolutely incredible trip that I gained so much from. I would highly recommend it to anyone in the future, regardless of sailing experience.  Trinity, Year 10.

In Year 10, students have the opportunity to choose activities that broaden their horizons and build on the experiences of the earlier years. The emphasis is on teamwork and community service, whether it be sailing, assisting in an orphanage in Laos or India or helping one another to meet the challenges.

Year 11


In Year 11, we recognise the importance of the pathway from school to tertiary study. All students have a Residential Experience at Queen’s College at the University of Melbourne where they gain an insight into student life. They attend workshops designed to assist with their Year 12 studies and career choices. Year 11 students are also involved in an extensive Careers Education program.

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