Academic programs

Through our educational programs, we are committed to offering your child the best possible opportunity for personal success. We set high standards for our students to consistently work to the very best of their ability.

With over 35 VCE and VET subjects to choose from, as well as University Enhancement subjects, our girls have the opportunity to tailor the interests they have accumulated while at Firbank into meaningful pathways that will benefit them in the future.

One of our major goals is to foster a love of learning, stimulate creativity, intellectual curiosity and independent thought. We value and emphasise individual thinking and learning styles when planning, teaching and assessing. In the delivery of the curriculum, there is an emphasis on the development and use of critical thinking skills and risk taking is valued.

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Firbank has a commitment to ensuring each student strives to achieve personal success. Our staff understand the responsibility of meeting the individual needs of their students. We regularly monitor students’ progress with cognitive and educational testing to support their academic needs. The information we collect contributes to our ability to tailor our teaching and learning programs to meet the needs of our students.

Our teaching staff design and support the delivery of individual programs to cater for differing abilities, levels of readiness and learning needs. English Language Studies classes are offered to students Years 7-10 to make sure every child is up to speed. These classes are conducted by the Special Education teacher who continues to support these girls in small groups with individual tutorials in Years 11 and 12.

Our Teacher teams (English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities) at Years 7 and 8, work with the Heads of Year to share information about the students in their care and develop approaches to delivering curriculum appropriate to the class and meet the needs of individual students. The team meetings facilitate the monitoring of academic and personal programs as well as the co-ordination of homework tasks.

At Years 7 and 8, extension is offered through Debating, Book Club, Chess Club and Philosophy Colloquiums to students who like to be challenged in their thinking. 

Assessment and reporting

Assessments may take on many forms and cater to different learning styles. These begin in Year 9 and include examinations, topic tests, individual or group oral presentations, extended research projects and essays.

We believe that regular reporting and opportunities to discuss your child’s progress with our staff, is an important part of the Firbank experience. Detailed reports with grades and descriptive comments are issued at the end of each semester. Progress reports are available at regular intervals through the Community Portal. Parent-Teacher interviews are held in Terms 2 and 3.

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