Year Level Specific Programs

Leadership Program

Our Sandringham Campus has a very unique Leadership Program run in collaboration with Rotary International Sandringham.  Commencing in 2018 our Year 6 students will be participating in a program called ‘EarlyAct’ which is ‘Rotary in Primary School’ and seeks to nurture citizenship, encourage leadership and foster service to the community.

This new Leadership model is a collaborative program with more shared responsibility amongst the students.  EarlyAct encourages students to be more internationally-minded with a greater focus on tangible service to the community and involves working within three different teams: School Service Team, Community Service Team and International Service Team.

The School Service Team oversees and completes important jobs and projects within the School and also work on new initiatives and ideas.  The Community Service Team work on projects that benefit the local community and the International Service Team works on projects that will aim to help an international problem.

Our Year 5s participate in a Kath Murdoch initiative called ‘iTime’.  Kath Murdoch is a highly-regarded and well-known educational leader of inquiry teaching and learning practices.  Her iTime ideas,  will greatly enhance the Year 5 students’ personal leadership skills and better prepare them for leadership roles and the Year 6 PYP Exhibition, the following year.

iTime enables students to develop their critical, creative and futuristic thinking, all areas that are pervasive throughout the General Capabilities in the Australian Curriculum.  It provides students with best practice classroom learning as it is significant, relevant, challenging and engaging to each individual student.

Year 4 students take on environmental and sustainability leadership. Activities include:  World Environment Day, Tree Planting Day, Walk to School Day, care of the veggie garden and the chicken coop and maintaining the Zoo Food area.

In Year 3 students commence after school sport and leadership, teamwork and organization skills are taught. They have the responsibility of spending time with an ELC 3 child once a week through the Buddies Program which further improves their independence and responsibility in preparation for Year 4.

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