At our co-ed Sandringham Campus, our curriculum and programs are designed to challenge your child. Using the framework of the Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate (PYP), the curriculum is designed to meet the individual needs of your child, whilst ensuring that the key elements of Literacy and Numeracy remain the focus of learning. This is a comprehensive approach aligned with the Australian Curriculum providing each student with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to embrace lifelong learning.

Ongoing monitoring and assessment is used to guide our teachers who use a variety of strategies to cater to individual learning and developmental needs. Reports, which record the achievement and progress of each student, are issued twice a year. Ongoing communication with parents is encouraged through formal and informal meetings, student-led conferences and parent/teacher interviews.

The School has a commitment to encouraging and supporting each student in striving to achieve personal success. Our teachers, at all levels, accept the responsibility of meeting the individual learning needs of their students. The global nature of the program is designed to allow students to become: inquirers, thinkers, communicators, risk-takers, knowledgeable, principled, caring, open-minded, balanced and reflective. Students are encouraged to make sense of their learning by making connections between new knowledge and their own experiences.

Curriculum Statements 2019
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The wide range of programs in the Performing Arts, Sport and Outdoor Education we offer open up exciting opportunities for students to create, play and be inspired.

Every student has the opportunity to enjoy music. Choirs and instrumental groups complement the classroom music program in addition to individual lessons. Music class begins in our Early Learning Centre and instrumental lessons begin at Year 3 when each student learns a string instrument and is encouraged to participate in group orchestral performances. Students wishing to develop instrumental skills further can register for private music lessons.

Through the Compass Award (the Primary Years version of the Duke of Edinburgh Award), our Year 5 students have the opportunity to take part in an overnight bush walk where, for many of them, they are camping in tents, carrying backpacks and bushwalking for the first time. Students in Year 6 have the chance to participate in a 2-night snow camp where the camp in tents at snowy Mt Stirling and wear hiking snowshoes.

Drama, movement and sport are part of our classroom curriculum. The students have many opportunities to develop their public speaking skills with concerts and plays being a part of the curriculum from Early Learning onwards. Your child will be encouraged to take part in a variety of drama activities culminating in a biennial whole School Prep-Year 6 musical production.


At Firbank, we place emphasis on participation in sport for enjoyment and the encouragement of positive attitudes towards fitness. For some students who display higher aspirations for involvement, we assist by providing pathways to develop their sporting skills and experience in tiered competitions. Over recent years, we have developed a comprehensive ‘Community Sport’ program which provides opportunities for students to participate in sporting competitions, from the local level right up to National Competitions.

The range of sports offered includes: swimming, diving, sailing, athletics, cross country, softball, netball, volleyball, tennis, snowsports. Our school competes in the Balaclava District Sports Association.

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