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May 7, 2021

STEM curriculum at Firbank

As part of our STEM curriculum, the boys and girls from our Sandringham Coed Campus enjoyed investigating energy transformation and transference using electrical circuits. They discussed ways electricity is generated and which methods are most sustainable. The entire Year 6 cohort acted as conductors of electricity by forming a large circle to light up a rod. This incursion helped students to gain a deeper understanding of their current unit, ‘How the World Works.’

April 23, 2021

Federal Environment Minister Susan Ley

It was wonderful to have Federal Environment Minister Susan Ley come and talk to some of our Senior School students about environmental policy, ecosystem preservation, recycling, women in leadership and her life journey. She was very authentic and relatable, our students appreciated the opportunity to hear from Susan and to pose questions to her. Thank you also to our local MP Tim Wilson for arranging this, it was particularly significant to hear from Minister Ley on Earth Day.

April 23, 2021

Stay And Play Playgroup

If you have a son or daughter or a grandchild aged 0+to 3 years, why not try out our STAY & PLAY PLAYGROUP. The playgroup class, held in both our Sandringham and Brighton Early Learning Centres, offers young learners abundant opportunities to explore and investigate within a purposefully planned and stimulating environment. There is no cost for Old Grammarians and their families to attend. For more information visit

April 23, 2021

50 Year Reunion

We can hardly believe it has been fifty years since the classes of 1970 and 1971 finished their Firbank learning journey. As with all our past students, these women have remained a strong part of our community throughout the years and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to celebrate face-to-face and remember old times.

April 1, 2021

Junior STEM Program and Australia’s first robot teacher

Today, the early years boys and girls at our Sandringham Coeducational Junior Campus enjoyed their first STEM lesson from a robot teacher. Robotics not only teaches students the fundamentals of coding, computing, engineering and project planning it also teaches problem solving, critical thinking, mathematics and allows them to use their curiosity to literally build the future with their own hands. According to an Oxford Economics report, the Australian region is most likely to be changed by robotics in the coming five to ten years. This prediction highlights the next generations need for understanding the fundamentals of robotics and providing them with clear STEM career pathways. The new teacher, (the robot) has an honorary PHD in robotics because, well, they are a robot. Who better to teach the children about robotics than a robot? Sam is an android which is a humanoid robot which mimic human form and behaviour (Kanda et al., 2009) via a HTI (Human Thought Interface). What a wonderful way to end the term.

March 25, 2021

Mamma Mia Rehearsals

Rehearsals had a touch of showbiz recently, parents came to view a sneak preview of the show. The parents and the cast also enjoyed listening to Carita interview Sarah Morrison who played the character of Sophie in the most recent Australian Touring production of Mamma Mia. Parents and students loved Sarah's insights and stories around her life as a performer, the highs and lows, the demands of the job and how her real-life love story started on stage in Mamma Mia. Stay tuned for the next Mamma Mia instalment.

March 24, 2021

Tiwi Art Exhibition

Jodie Palipuaminni from our Senior School Campus stands proudly beside the Aboriginal Art piece painted by her father Jason Palipuaminni. The painting was recently on display at the Tiwi Art Exhibition at the Wellbeing Centre, BGS and acquired for the Firbank Boarding House by Principal Jenny Williams. It now takes pride of place in the Boarding House foyer.

March 19, 2021

International Women’s Day Breakfast

Thank you to the SRC (Student Representative Council) for arranging a wonderful IWD breakfast this morning. Dr Kate Robb, our Guest speaker, was inspiring and engaging. Dr Kate Robb is the Founding Director and Head of Research at the Marine Mammal Foundation. She spoke about her STEM journey, including how she used gene sequencing, skull morphology, statistics and curiosity to discover a new species of dolphin species—the Burrunan dolphin, Tursiops australis. In her address to the next generation of marine champions and their families she spoke about the best way to protect these mammals and to reduce our impact. Her key message included following your passion, being dedicated, working hard and finding your voice. Thank you to Dr Robb and the SRC for a wonderful IWD celebration.

March 17, 2021

Harmony Day

Today our year 3 and 4 boys and girls from the Sandringham Campus showed their support for cultural diversity and inclusiveness about Harmony Day in a presentation at Assembly. All year levels wore a touch of the colour orange which is the official colour of Harmony Day. It is a warm and inviting colour that motivates people to think and have a meaningful talk. The colour orange is taken as a symbol of a change in attitude from racism and discrimination to understanding, peace and harmony.

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