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Scholarships at Firbank Grammar School

Scholarship Giving

When you invest in Firbank Grammar School, you help students who would make the most of a Firbank Grammar School education but otherwise would not be able to afford it. A Firbank Grammar School education can change a child’s entire life pathway to one full of opportunities.

Since its inception, the Pay It Forward Scholarship has become essential to giving at Firbank Grammar School. A legacy of the Class of 2019, the Scholarship paves the way for girls to receive a top Firbank Grammar School education when they otherwise would not have the opportunity. As this is a means-tested scholarship, all donations will be going toward a girl who will make the most out of the chance to study at Firbank Grammar School.

Support for the Pay It Forward Scholarship Fund helps provide need-based tuition assistance for students to attend Firbank Grammar School, allowing them to experience educational success through academia and co-curricular activities, leading to lifelong benefits. All donations are tax-deductible.

Make an impact, change a life – this means-tested Scholarship will provide an education for a gifted girl whose family does not have the resources to send their daughter to Firbank Grammar School.

Indigenous Scholarship

Firbank Grammar School Indigenous Scholarships

The Firbank Grammar School Indigenous Scholarship program enables Indigenous girls to access a Firbank Grammar School education and everything it offers. Our program supports our Indigenous students in their teenage years, maximising their potential in both an educational and home environment. Currently, our Indigenous students from the NT and country Victoria call our warm and inviting Boarding House home, living alongside students from many other countries.

The students also contribute to the broader Bayside community and participate in many sporting programs. As part of the Firbank Grammar School community, the students have given our School a greater understanding of our First Nations people, and we are very proud of them.

We are expanding our program by offering further scholarships to other young Indigenous girls so that they can also access these incredible opportunities.

Pay It Forward Scholarship

This year, through our Giving Program, we invite you to make a gift to support the Pay-It-Forward Scholarships. All donations are tax-deductible.

In giving to Firbank Grammar School, you are not only benefiting students but continuing a long Firbank Grammar School tradition of philanthropy. Every gift is meaningful; no matter how large or small, your contribution will make a real and tangible difference to students both now and in the future.

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