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From the FOGA Committee

Membership to FOGA is open to all girls (and Sandringham campus boys) who have completed one year at Firbank. On finishing Year 12, you transition from Firbank girls to FOGA women.

FOGA provides a wonderful opportunity to not only socialise and meet other past Firbank students, but to network and build professional contacts. We are all too familiar with the ‘old boy clubs’ and the opportunities and doors they open for our counterparts, so why not for Firbank Old Girls too? Finishing your university degree and looking for your first professional job?  Perhaps you are still studying and looking for some career advice. Consider contacting FOGA to assist in matching you to an appropriate mentor.  Better yet, attend one of our FOGA Industry Networking or social events.

We encourage our younger members, in particular the current Year 12 students, to become involved in FOGA. FOGA will support you after the ‘gates have swung wide’. You are a Firbank Alumni for life.