Social Justice League

“I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that. But then I realised, I am somebody.”  Lily Tomlin

Firbank students are taught that as individuals, they can make a difference in their world. Whether it is active service to others in the local community or beyond, working with indigenous Australians or assisting groups in the fight for human rights, the School is committed to providing each girl with an opportunity to stand up and be counted. 

Some of the Social Justice League activities include:

  • A Senior School blood drive, the blood donated helped at least 90 people.
  • Collecting over 1000 packets of pasta and rice contributing to more than 5000 Fareshare meals.
  • Brotherhood of St Laurence donation bins collecting hundreds of books for a book drive.
  • Raising money to assist a remote Aboriginal community purchase an outdoor cinema.

One of the most successful ventures was our “Links NOT chains” assembly which  highlighted the plight of children in detention. The participation was sobering and the chain of paper links will remain in our Centre for Creative Arts (CCA) for some time. We were really proud that our efforts were featured on the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre website and reached over 200,000 people.

If you would like to know more about how to get involved in SJL, you can email our Social Justice Co-ordinator Ms Jacqui Cusack (

Latest news from the Social Justice League:

We have decided to support the Les Twentyman Foundation, by being involved in their “Adopt a Child” program. This will see us raising funds and collecting donations for at least one student who goes to school in Melbourne, but who struggles to be able to attend or afford school as they are  from a low socio-economic background due to their family situation or their refugee status. 

We are also going to continue to again support FareShare. We had 15 students and 4 staff members give up one of their days off over the break to work there. Later this term, we will be trying to break our record donation of 1033 packs of pasta for their annual pasta drive. Each 500g pack of pasta contributes to 4 meals, so last year, our donations contributed to 4132 meals.

We are also going through the process to become a chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance in order to become part of the global movement to fight for social justice around the world – which is one of our goals. If we are successful, we will be only the second chapter in Victoria, and linking with them will give us global publicity and therefore extend our reach and hopefully our impact. 

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