Latest from Year 1

The Year 1 students have really enjoyed beginning their new unit of inquiry, Sharing the planet.

As a provocation for our unit, the students went out into our back garden and explored our local ecosystem. They discovered there were living and non-living things and found many different insects while digging in the dirt and using their magnifying glasses. They enjoyed being detectives and scientists. They demonstrated the attitudes, curiosity and respect for their ecosystem.

The central idea is An ecosystem is a changing community of living things interacting with one another.

This science based unit, will provide the Year One students with many opportunities to inquire about features of ecosystems and actions which benefit or harm them.

We spent a day at Werribee Zoo exploring a grassland savannah ecosystem and learning about the animals that live there. The students have selected an animal from the zoo to research and find out about.

We have read many books about ecosystems and have written text to world, reading responses, after reading Tuart Dwellers by Jan Ramage and Longneck’s Billabong by Ann Coleridge.

The focus in Maths is learning about data. They are collecting, representing and analysing data on a grid, bar graph and pictograph.

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