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This term, the ELC 3 Wattle Group’s PYP Unit of Inquiry sees them exploring the central idea, ‘We are learning about who we are and our diverse identities.’ Through this unit, the children will develop their understandings of the concepts of connection, perspective and change. In our morning meetings, the children have enjoyed singing some special songs to get to know each other. They have been encouraged to draw their self-portrait and share about who they are with their teachers and peers. The children’s discussions have reflected on what they look like and they have begun to notice their similarities and differences. Isabelle, commented: “I look like Miss Phelan. We have blonde hair.” In coming weeks, the children are looking forward to presenting their ‘All About Me’ poster to the group, which they created with their families.

Please ensure you regularly check Firefly for updates and details of your child’s learning journey.


Term 1

At the end of last year, the soon to be ELC 4 each took home a treasure bag; with the challenge to fill it with interesting things they came across during their summer holiday. The group excitedly brought their bags with them to their new class in the first week of term; eager to share what was inside.

In groups, the children revealed their interesting items, many with an exciting story behind it. The children were then set the challenge to sort the unique items into groups. This provided a great opportunity to introduce and discuss terms such as, similar, different, group, sorting, classify and many more.

Our resource trolley in our Art Studio had never looked so inviting!

As part of our PYP unit of inquiry, Who we are, we have been thinking about the communities that we belong to; in particular our class group. We have been researching what a Banksia is and relating its attributes and characteristics to us, as a class.

Using the exciting objects from our treasure bags, the children have been set the task of creating their own representation of a Banksia flower. Watch this space, Artists are at work.

Please ensure you regularly check Firefly for updates and details of your child’s learning journey.

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