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This term, ELC3 have been inquiring into our How we express ourselves unit, ‘Stories are an avenue of creative expression’. The children thought of ways to share stories and experienced story telling through song; dance; puppetry; small world play; dramatic play; drawings and art.

The group have enjoyed exploring traditional tales and familiar stories, unpicking and identifying the features of a story. We shared different versions of traditional tales and retold stories through role-play and small world play. The children enjoyed retelling Goldilocks and the Three Bear, The Gingerbread Man; We’re going On a Bear Hunt; Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs.

Through our exploration of stories, the children used the knowledge they had developed to create their own group story. The groups created their stories through small world play and we recorded the retell on iPads. The children presented their videos at our Father’s Night celebration.

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During Term 3, ELC 4 children immersed themselves into the literary world, becoming published authors and illustrators with the recent publication of their very own picture storybooks. As part of their PYP Unit of Inquiry, How We Express Ourselves, the children explored the central idea, ‘Stories are an avenue for creative expression’. They collaborated in small peer groups to write and illustrate a story. The children used their vivid imaginations to draw and paint colourful, interesting characters and settings. The plot of each story developed as the children brainstormed, discussed and debated their ideas together in a writer’s workshop. The children then used the iPad app, Book Creator, to record themselves telling the stories, transforming them into movies. They loved sharing these movies with a receptive audience of their dads during our Father’s Night celebrations. Finally, the manuscripts were sent to the publishers for printing. After a lot of hard work, the children were very excited to unwrap the published version of their picture storybooks and share them with a wider audience at the Sandy House Art Exhibition. Congratulations ELC 4 on creating the amazing stories – ‘The Hungry Dragon’, ‘A Lonely Queen’, ‘The Four Red Cars and the Scary Wolf’, and ‘The Animals and the Robbers’!

Please ensure you regularly check Firefly for updates and details of your child’s learning journey.

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