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Throughout the unit of Inquiry of ‘Sharing the Planet’, ELC3 have been developing their research skills to find out what is a living thing. The students have been observing and describing the features of living things, discussing their function and making connections with their past knowledge. It has been an exciting journey of discovery, wonderings and excitement. The children have been observing living things in the ELC garden, bringing animals and plants from home and getting up close to a range of animals in our Wild Action Incursion.  ELC3 have shown a great understanding of their responsibility to living things, sharing some powerful ways to protect living things in their everyday actions.

A plant is living because it grows. It gets water from the rain. It grows. It needs a seed and to go in dirt. It needs sun so it can grow higher. – Alexander

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The ELC4 children have inquired into Who we are and how we relate to others. The children have learnt about the diversity of others and developed their own slogan, “It’s ok to be different!”. To culminate their inquiries, they collaborated with a friend on a special project to share what they have learnt about each other and their understandings of diversity.  A special evening event was held to celebrate and share the children’s projects with all of the ELC4 families.

Please ensure you regularly check Firefly for updates and details of your child’s learning journey.

Meet our new ELC Director

Leanne Sunarya

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you back to Term 2 and introduce myself. My name is Leanne Sunarya and I am the new Director of Early Learning at Firbank Grammar. My role at the school has me working across both the Brighton and Sandringham Early Learning Centres. You will see me around Sandringham Campus on Thursday and Friday.

I look forward to personally meeting you over the coming weeks. I am excited to be joining your child on their remarkable learning journey at Firbank Grammar. Should you wish to contact me please do not hesitate to come by the ELC office or to send me an email at

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