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 ELC 3

The ELC3 children excitedly participated in our ELC Sports Day on Monday, and were delighted to have many of their parents cheering them on.

To commence the event, Tilly, Harry and Jesse proudly carried our class banner and led their peers on a march around the oval. The children were enthusiastic risk-takers as they participated in each activity, and persevered well to complete all nine sporting activities.

A highlight for most of the children was the fast-paced Super Sprints. Harry commented, “I liked the running race. I could beat too many people.” Toby said, “I was racing with Mabel. I was really fast.” and Hudson recalled, “I did the fastest legs in the world.”

Many other children enjoyed the challenge of our egg and spoon race, Scrambled Eggs. Annika recalled, “I liked the Scrambled Eggs. You had to pick an egg up and put it in the bucket with a spoon.” Sophie commented, “Scrambled Eggs was tricky. It was tricky putting them in the bucket.”

It was great to watch the children show attitudes of confidence, commitment, enthusiasm and cooperation throughout our Sports Day. Congratulations ELC3 on an outstanding effort!


The Mystery Box

As part of our How we express ourselves unit of inquiry, ELC 4 have been investigating into Form; understanding that objects have recognisable features. Each day a child adds an unknown item to the Mystery Box, after a full day of suspense, the children formulate questions to gain clues about the mystery item. Over the past weeks, the children’s questions have developed as they gain an understanding of the most powerful questions. Each day, the objects become more obscure as the children make it more and more difficult for their friends to guess what is inside.

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