Textbook Supplier

Campion Education is our 2021 textbook supplier. 

Book Lists

When ordering from Campion, ensure you use your campus specific code.

Code for Brighton Senior and Junior campuses is 3HND

Code for Sandringham campus is 9NM9

Please click here to access the Campion website to place your orders.

Firbank Second Hand Book Exchange 

Unfortunately this year due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to hold our Senior School Parents’ Association Second-hand Book Sale. Usually this is done on campus face-to-face.  As an alternative, we have set up a Facebook group for families to exchange and sell second hand books.

Click here for the Parents’ Second-hand Book Sale 2020 Buying/Selling List –  All year levels.

Click here to access the Facebook Group.

Please note:

The Facebook group has been set up by the School as a convenient way to buy and sell second hand books for Firbank Families. Firbank will not be involved in any transactions and it is between the buyer and seller to arrange payment privately. It is up to buyers to check that the text book advertised is on the current booklist for your child’s year level and that the edition is suitable.
+61 3 9591 5188

Girls Only, Years 7-12

Firbank Grammar

51 Outer Crescent
Brighton VIC 3186

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+61 3 9591 5141

Girls Only, ELC 3 - Year 6

Firbank Grammar

51 Outer Crescent
Brighton Vic 3186

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+61 3 9533 5711

Co-educational, ELC 3 - Year 6

Firbank Grammar

45 Royal Avenue
Sandringham VIC 3191

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