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WEEKLY SPORT RESULTS – Week ending 10.11.17

Camberwell d Firbank 93 / 64



A, B C Team – BYE


Firbank 1

A, B C D Teams – Forfeit to MLC (Year 8 on Camp)
Firbank 2

A Team Sion d Firbank 46 / 5

B Team Sion d Firbank 42 / 11

C Team Sion d Firbank 30 / 0

D Team Sion d Firbank 27 / 2




Firbank Tennis Club

A new season of tennis competition has just commenced.  As we look forward to another wonderful season of tennis and fun, we would like to congratulate our section 8 Grand Final winners: Isabel Lally (Captain), Josie Best (Vice-Captain), Abby Mclachlan, Lulu Hollis, Anneliese Christopoulos and Alexandra Thomas (Emergency). This is not an easy task and the girls practiced well and played with tenacity and tactical awareness.

Not only did the team win the Grand Final, they also won the prestigious – once in a lifetime if you are lucky – Strachan Shield. This shield is awarded  to one team, out of the 182 teams comprising  the entire Moorabbin & Districts Junior Tennis Association competition, that achieves the highest winning percentage calculated over the season. The Firbank section 8 team achieved the highest winning percentage. This is truly an outstanding result and a first in the Firbank Tennis Club’s Seventeen Year History. What a mighty team effort and achievement.

The girls are playing in section 6 this season and we wish them well. 

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