Latest from Year 3

On 24 May, we will be on our way to Sovereign Hill camp. The girls are getting very excited as the time is fast approaching! They have many questions and we are going to hold a question and answer time session with them in the coming week. There will also be a Parent Information Session in the Year 3 classrooms on Friday 19 May at 8.15 a.m. A Firefly page all about Sovereign Hill, has been prepared for the girls. They can access this in the UOI section of the Year 3 Firefly pages.

As part of the Year 3 Design and Technology Project the classes worked with Trent Ray from Collective Education to use “Makedo” materials to complete a design and technology experience. The goal was to create an Australian animal, with a 21st Century twist, using a screwdriver, cutting tool, scoring tool, “scrus” and cardboard materials provided. They followed a process of investigation, brainstorming, planning, producing and evaluating to complete the challenge. The results were spectacular.

What our Year 3 students said:

Today we had Mr Ray come in to do Makedo with us. I thought it was really fun because we could be creative and we could express

Here are some thoughts from some other people:

Milla thought it was really cool because she got to build awesome things. Jasmine thought it was hard at the beginning and then her team started to figure things out because they did some more talking. Sophie said she felt quite confident but she didn’t know what her team would say. Then she thought back to the holidays and remembered she saw an echidna and a wallaby and so she suggested these and her team agreed to make a wallaby. Claudia thought it was really good. She really liked it because she could express herself by building the animal. Aysha thought it was hard to put everything together but in the end it was really fun!

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