Music at Firbank

My favourite place at Firbank is the music department. It is a place where I am able to play my instrument and share in the joy of music with students and staff.   Ruby, Year 8.

Music at Firbank is an essential part of every child’s education from ELC to VCE. The Music School operates across all three campuses. Core classes are taught until Year 8 and students can then select general or specialist music as an elective. Many choose to take music as one of their VCE subjects.

At Firbank, we encourage all girls and boys to learn an instrument and offer private tuition in a wide range of orchestral and band instruments, orchestral percussion, drum-kit, guitar, piano and voice. Participation in ensembles enriches the students’ experience, whilst rehearsals and performances enable students to connect with the wider musical community, playing at concerts, festivals and competitions.

The Firbank choral program is dynamic and varied with choirs from Years 3 to 12 across all three campuses. Students are encouraged to enrol for singing lessons and with six orchestras and bands to choose from there is ample opportunity to cater for wind, brass percussion and string players.

We encourage all students to take the step and learn an instrument. Participation in music-making and, in particular, playing a musical instrument, is valuable for cultural, social and intellectual Wellbeing and development. An interest in music is not just for school and is often pursued as an adult.

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