Clubs at Firbank

Firbank offers a range of options for our students to excel in their area of passion.  We believe that students who come together with common interests is a great way to learn, socialise and grow confidence. Some of the Club activities we offer include:

Writers Club

For students who take an interest in writing, we offer regular meetings and an online portal to allow them to expand and explore their love of the written word while being challenged, inspired, encouraged and guided.

Philosophy Colloquium

The Philosophy Colloquium is run in conjunction with Brighton Grammar School for Year 8 students who want to participate in informal discussions. Students are divided into groups, an idea is given and the argument begins. Philosophy gives our students the opportunity to think, discuss, agree and say what is fair and what is not. All in all, we believe philosophy helps with life skills and an understanding of fairness in the world.

 Debating Club

“Debating is a fun and daring experience. It assists with organisational skills and helps with your writing, public speaking and social skills. I have been debating for two years now and have noticed a significant difference in my ability to present to an audience.”  Elaine, Year 9.

At Firbank, we challenge our girls to find their voice and form opinions in any arena. Debating gives students the opportunity to learn about current media issues and rewards academic skills such as quick thinking, sound argument and confident speaking.  Year 7 and 8 students can join the Junior Debating Team and students from Years 9 to 12 can join the Debating team and compete regularly. This state-wide competition facilitated by The Debating Association of Victoria involves 250 schools, making it the largest debating competition in the world.

Homework club

Monday – Thursday after school, we offer a Homework Club for an hour for students in Years 7 and 8.

Chess Club

The Chess Club meets each week in the Resource Centre and is open to all year levels in the Senior School. The students participate in external tournaments as well as joint activities with Brighton Grammar school. A qualified teacher from ‘Chess Kids’ attends each week to assist with instruction and organise the weekly tournaments.

Drama Club

The Drama Club is for Years 7 to 9 students and is run by the Drama Captain and Senior students. The club meets every Friday lunchtime to share ideas, common interests, socialise and have fun with Drama.  This culminates in a performance which is either scripted or group-devised.

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