Tips for Parents for Year 7 Transition

At Firbank, Year 7 is labelled as a Year of Discovery as the School welcomes a large number of new girls from a range of different primary schools who join the girls from our two Junior campuses.

Year 7 students are at the beginning of a six-year journey to adulthood.

Our aim is for each girl and her parents to feel welcomed to the School and to identify as part of the School’s rich tradition of community.

Here are some transition tips you may find useful:

  • Please ensure your daughter is confident about any new travel arrangements, particularly if she is using public transport. Some parents have found it useful to go on a test run during the summer holidays. Students may travel to School by bicycle - bike racks are provided at the camppus.
  • Do not leave the purchase of uniform until the last minute and do not purchase the complete uniform in January (ie. Summer and Winter) as your daughter will grow.
  • Encourage your daughter to be part of Firbank’s varied co-curricular program as this is a great way to make new friends as well as experience new opportunities.
  • Encourage your daughter to develop effective learning habits. Students require routine and, despite the onset of adolescence, they do enjoy parents taking an interest in what they do. However, under no circumstances should parents complete homework tasks themselves!
  • Assist your daughter to develop good organisational skills, as this is central to her future success.
  • Encourage your daughter to pack her bag and ensure she has all necessary equipment for the following day. Her timetable is online, so she can easily work out what she is required to take. We do not encourage parents to drop things off during the course of the school day, as students need to take responsibility for their school requirements.
  • Please name ALL items of uniform as it is impossible for the School to return unnamed items to the owner!
  • The School is a community and we encourage parents to attend Senior School Parents Association events or to become a Class Representative. It is a great way to get to know the wider community of which you are a part.

Technology information

Please arrange for your daughter to have a mobile device to support her learning at Firbank by 1 February 2017. A portal is available to assist you with the selection of a device. Password: Firbank