Sports Notices


G.S.V. Swim Squad Training

7.00 – 8.00am          Tuesday                   (FGS Pool)

4.00 – 5.00pm          Wednesday              (BGS Pool)

7.00 – 8.00am          Thursday                  (FGS Pool)

7.00 – 8.00am          Friday                       (FGS Pool)


G.S.V. Dive Squad Training

Lunchtime                 Tuesday                    FGS

Lunchtime                 Thursday                   FGS



Junior Hockey / Netball

Thursday                 23 March               3.30 – 5.00pm

Monday                   27 March               7.00 – 8.00am

Thursday                 30 March               3.30 – 5.00pm


Intermediate Hockey / Netball

Tuesday                    21 March              7.00 – 8.00am

Wednesday              22 March               3.30 – 5.00pm

Wednesday              29 March               3.30 – 5.00pm


Senior Hockey / Netball

Friday                      24 March               7.00 – 8.00am

Monday                   27 March               3.30 – 5.00pm


Firbank Grammar Tennis Championships 2017

Sunday 26 March 2017

Entries close 12 Noon Friday 17 March, 2017.

Entry forms available in the P.E.S.C. 




Last Friday, Firbank competed in the Preliminary ‘B’ Swimming and Diving carnival. Our opponents on the day were PLC, St Catherines, Ivanhoe GGS, Mentone GGS, Our Lady of Sion College, Shelford GGS and Fintona. Our squads had been training hard with excellent numbers coming along to training sessions and we felt our depth this year was greater than it had been in the past. This proved correct, as Firbank very proudly won both the Swimming and the Diving aggregate cups.

Our Divers, known for their excellence, again proved this by winning all Senior Dives (A – Allie Klein, B – Maia Shannon and C – Evie Laycock); our Inters were 2nd in A (Amy Kenny), but won B (Isobelle Brosnahan), C (Holly Moss), D (Jazzy Dark) and E (Jaida Ilhan) and our juniors were 2nd in A (Zoe Adam-Gedge), and B (Millie Anderson), and 1st in C (Lauren Kulesza), D (Xanthe Kakaras) and E (Tiah Brown)

As a result, we won each division and were clear winners of the overall cup. We now compete in Division 1 against the other 7 top schools and our girls will be trying hard to win the GSV Championship for the 14th consecutive year. Well done to our coach Elizabeth Howard, and all the girls.

Our Swimmers were also confident of performing well with a strong team ready to compete. Of the 82 events, Firbank won 35 of them, 2nd in 18 and 3rd in 7 giving us a top 3 finish in nearly 75% of all events. This was a wonderful performance by our girls! Our juniors easily won their division, whilst our Inters and seniors were narrowly beaten into 2nd place, however our aggregate score saw us win the overall cup, finishing 29 points ahead of PLC, with St Catherine’s in 3rd place. Well done to our coaches Jason Cooper, Nick Findeisen and Ian Scott for all their hard work in preparing our team and well done to all the girls.

On the day, Firbank broke 4 swimming records so a very special congratulations to the following new record holders:

Kira O’Donoghue (Yr 9C 50m Freestyle and 9B 50m Backstroke)

Ailin Liu (Yr 7A 50m Backstroke)

Jessica Koczocic (Yr 7B 50m Backstroke)

We now compete in the Division 1 championship carnival to be held on Wednesday 22 March where we take on the best Schools in the GSV. We wish all our swimmers and divers the best of luck!


Weekly sports reslts - Week ending 17 March 2017



A TEAM                         Finished 3 in Zone                              

B TEAM                         Finished 1 at in Zone.  No B Grade finals.         




A TEAM                         Finished 2nd in Zone

B TEAM                         Finished 1st in Zone. Direct to Grand Final on 27.03.17                               




A TEAM                         Firbank d Mentone                             125 / 74

Finished 4th in Zone                           




A TEAM                         Loreto d Firbank                                  8 / 6

Finished 4th in Zone                           




A TEAM                         Firbank 4 / 32 d St Catherine’s 0 / 11

 Finished 3rd in Zone

B TEAM                         Firbank 3 / 25 d St Catherine’s 1 / 17

Finished 1st in Zone. Playing in Semi Finals on 22.03.17




A TEAM                         Mentone d Firbank                             214 / 89

Finished 5th in Zone

B TEAM                         Mentone d Firbank                             218 / 184

Finished 6th in Zone


JUNIOR SOFTBALL               


A TEAM                         Firbank d Mentone                             7 / 0

Finished 3rd in Zone

B TEAM                         Firbank d Mentone                             7 / 0

Finished 3rd in Zone




FGS GOLD A                Ruyton 4 / 32 d Firbank 0 / 5

Finished 6th in Zone                                                       

GOLD B                        Ruyton 3 / 25 d Firbank 1 / 16

Finished 5th in Zone                                                    

FGS GREEN A              Melb. Girls 3 / 28 d Firbank 1 / 19

Finished 2nd in Zone

GREEN B                      Melb. Girls 2 / 27 d Firbank 2 / 17

Finished 4th in Zone