The Firbank Old Grammarians’ Association (FOGA) was founded in November 1918 and grew rapidly during the 20s and 30s. In an era when few women were part of the workforce, thriving literary, dramatic and sporting clubs contributed to the vitality of the Association. World War II saw many changes but the spirit remained.

As in the past, Old Grammarians continue to meet in order to foster friendships made at school and work to support the School and its traditions in various ways.

Today there are over 2000 members who have opportunities to meet regularly at reunions, the Annual Golf Day and various other functions.

FOGA provides financial support to the School in a range of ways, including the following:

Scholarships? The Association has provided scholarships since its foundation. Scholarships are awarded to the daughters or granddaughters of Old Grammarians. The Cameron Scholarship has been re-launched by the school as the Cameron Scholarship Fund, sponsored by the Old Grammarians. Any Old Grammarians wishing to donate to this fund, or make a bequest, will be able to do so with new tax benefits successfully applied for by the School. (Contact the Development Office on 9591 5188). In addition to the ongoing commitment of the half FOGA Scholarship, the committee will make annual donations, as funds allow, to the Cameron Scholarship Fund. As this fund grows, the FOGA committee is hopeful additional scholarships can be funded in memory of Maud Cameron and all past and present Old Grammarians.


If you have news for be included in ‘The Green, Gold and White’ magazine, or you are moving and want your contact details updated with the School, please complete the change of address form - click here to download - and post to The Communications Officer, Firbank Grammar School, 51 Outer Crescent, Brighton, Vic 3186 or email

Bequests - The Pen-y-bryn Society

In 2005, the Firbank Foundation, together with the School Council, established the Pen-y-bryn Society to honour those who have indicated their intention to remember the School in their Wills.

‘Pen-y-bryn’ was chosen as the symbol for this bequest society because it is a name recognised by all students, both past and present.

Membership of the Pen-y-bryn Society is open to all individuals who make a bequest in their Will to the School. By doing so, they are recognising how important bequests are to the future of the School.

A Will is the most important document we will ever sign. It ensures that our interests are protected and our wishes honoured well beyond our lifetime. Without a Will, our assets are distributed according to an Act of Parliament and the distribution of an estate is a much more prolonged process, regardless of its size.

A bequest to the School does not have to be large. It can be given to be used at the School’s discretion or it can be directed to a specific purpose such as drama, to the library, scholarships or the construction of a new building.

Bequests can also be directed to the Education Support Fund, which provides bursaries to students in need of financial support.

A scholarship can be established in the name of the donor when a larger capital amount is received as a bequest and invested by the School. The interest generated annually can be used to enable a student to attend Firbank who would not otherwise have been able to benefit from a Firbank education.


The School has an extensive archival collection dating back to its foundation. The collection is conserved and maintained by an archivist. It includes a collection of past uniforms, school memorabilia, an extensive photographic collection, samples of student work and archival footage. The collection has been catalogued for ease of reference and is utilised in the History curriculum. ?Since 2006, $6,000 has been donated annually by the Old Grammarians to support the work of the Firbank Archivist. For the last 100 years, the school has been home to thousands of girls (and some boys) from Prep to Year 12, and has gone through considerable changes. It is important that these are documented and records retained.

If you have any items of memorabilia that you wish to donate to the collection please contact the Development Office - or our Archivist, Melissa Campbell, at

Reunions 2012

Firbank hosts a very active reunion program every year. Except for the five-year reunion, all reunions are held at the School and are a mixture of luncheons, dinners and cocktail parties. All reunions include a tour of the School.

2007 - 5 Year   
Thursday 6 September - 7.30 p.m. - Venue TBC           
Contact: Angelique Murray

1992 - 20 Year   
Friday 3 August - 7.00 p.m. - Firbank
Contact: Tina Paterson (Gourlay)

1982 - 30 Year    
Friday 24 August - 7.00 p.m. - Firbank  
Contact: Sarah Cordner

1977 - 35 Year   
Friday 20 July - 7.00 p.m. - Firbank
Contact: Belinda Evans

1967 - 45 Year   
Friday 2 November at 12.30 p.m. - Firbank
Contact: Phillipa Quigley (Hamilton)

Miss Cameron’s Lunch        
Monday 15 October - 12.30 p.m. - Firbank


FOGA Committee

President Melissa McLean (1970)
Vice-president Sally Cooper (1970)
Mary Trumble (2010)
Treasurer Victoria Breidahl (1979)
Secretary Pam Hammond (1963)
Patron Patsy Turner (1945)
General committee Marie Epstein (1942)
Jan Warnecke (1956)
Marg Desmyth (1956)
Belinda Evans (1977)
Emma Atkinson (1996)
Elizabeth Cook (2000)
Penelope Gunst (2000)
Irene Argeres (2006)
Chrystie Siapkas (2009)
Gabby Leonard (2011)