Relationship with Brighton Grammar

Firbank Grammar and Brighton Grammar (also located in Outer Crescent), as sister and brother schools, have co-operated in a wide range of curricular and co-curricular activities for more than 100 years. The relationship is symbolised in the placement of the two crests in the narthex of St Andrew’s Church.

The shared activities allow students to work with boys and girls of like interests and develop friendships.

Both schools are committed to a strong partnership while maintaining their integrity.

Students in the Junior School in Brighton interact with their counterparts at Brighton Grammar on age-appropriate activities. Recent activities have included: robotics, ICT experiences, sporting activities and creative challenges.

Every year, the Year 6 students present a joint drama production.

In the Senior School, curriculum days are shared each term at Years 7 and 8. In Term 3, the year Curriculum Day was followed by a social in the evening.

Three joint drama productions are presented each year, one for students in Years 7 and 8, one for students in Years 9 and 10 and the senior production.  This provides maximum opportunities for participation.

A joint orchestral tour to South-East Asia is arranged on a regular basis.

Year 7 and 8 students are involved in a debating program, philosophy colloquia and Book Clubs.

From time to time, some senior students are enrolled in subjects at the other school. e.g VET Hospitality and Drama


Brighton Grammar School has had a strong relationship with Firbank Grammar School over many years. Boys from the Sandringham Campus have often continued their education at Brighton Grammar School. To ensure that parents of boys at the Sandringham Campus are aware of requirements in terms of enrolling their sons at Brighton Grammar School the following process will apply:

  1. Parents of boys at the Sandringham Campus must fill in and submit an enrolment application form for their sons to attend Brighton Grammar School. The application fee must be paid.
  2. The application form must be submitted at least two years prior to the desired entry point.
  3. Written confirmation of enrolment must be communicated by parents to the Director of Admissions Office at Brighton Grammar School at the time when the request letter is sent. There can be no guarantee that a place will be kept if confirmation is not received by the School within the set time limit.
  4. Brighton Grammar School will waive the $1,000 confirmation of enrolment fee for parents with boys at the Sandringham Campus.

Brighton Grammar School hopes that parents of boys at the Sandringham Campus will see transition into Year 7 at Rosstrevor as a natural pathway. If a parent enquires about entry prior to Year 7, Brighton Grammar School will deal with the enquiry in the same way other enquiries are handled. However, Brighton Grammar School will not initiate any approach to parents of boys at the Sandringham Campus to encourage earlier than Year 7 entry.

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Firbank and Brighton Grammar are committed to making their expertise and facilities available outside school hours to offer programs for members of the local community.

A large variety of adult education programs are offered as well as holiday programs for students. The SH@RE community Campus Holiday Programs is the largest of its kind in Melbourne. Activities include: acting classes, iPad application building, sport clinics and GATEWAYS programs for talented students.

For information contact, Community Education Manager, Sonia Wagner  03 8591 2287

Brighton Grammar Boys interacting with Firbank Grammar girls