We are committed to upgrading and replacing our buildings and facilities to ensure that all our infrastructure enhances the delivery of our curriculum and the co-curricular programs. The Building and Planning Committee comprises members of the Board and members of the Senior Management Team. This committee advises the School Board concerning priorities for future development and provides opportunities for consultation with relevant staff. This committee oversees the implementation and revision of the School's Master Plan.

Since the late 1990s, Firbank has seen the construction of a multi-purpose sports centre with a heated indoor pool and diving board, a 5 laboratory Science building, the SMAART centre in the Junior School Brighton Campus containing a new Library, Art, Music, Sport and Technology faciltiies, a Student Cafeteria and a centre for Hospitality and Food Technology.

Our most recent projects have included:

  • New Centenary Student Centre containing a VCE Common Room, Lecture Theatre, tutorial rooms and a Careers Centre (opened 2010)
  • Comprehensive renovation of the Midhurst and Louis Williams Hall buildings containing new ICT facilities, locker areas, Multi-media labs (opened 2010)
  • Significant re-landscaping at the Brighton campus
  • Renovation of the Boarding House including air conditioning, new kitchen and upgrading of study bedrooms (2011-2012)
  • Installation of a grey water system at the Boarding House
  • Complete rebuilding of the Junior School Brighton ampus classroom complex to create 21st century flexible learning spaces (2011)
  • A new classroom at the Co-educational Junior School Sandringham Campus, renovation of the Social Centre (2010-2012)
  • The building of a new Early Learning Centre at the Junior School Sandringham Campus and a new flexible classroom complex to meet the needs of 21st century learning - 2013
  • The building of two additional classrooms at the Junior School Brighton Campus in 2013

Current projects

Flexible Learning Spaces and a new Resource Centre at the Senior School - currenty under construction and due for completion late in 2014

An additional classroom and associated facilities at the Early Learning Centre and a covered sports area at the Junior School - Brighton Campus - to be completed in 2014